First Aid Guide for Illness & Emergencies

First Aid Guide for Illness & Emergencies

The first aid instructions are provided by the UPMC St. Margaret Family Health Centers. Further discussion and care of illness or injury by your doctor is recommended.

We would like to acknowledge the many sources of first aid information commonly used in family medicine.

Thank you for the generous grant from the St. Margaret Foundation Family Health Center Fund.

Authors and contributors include
Alyssa D’Addezio, MD
Megan Killeen, MD
Lauren Salesi, MD
Danielle Ware, DO
Ann McGaffey, MD, FAAFP
Donald B. Middleton, MD
Patricia Klatt, PharmD
Gregory Castelli, PharmD
Montanya Crosby, RN
Amy Haugh, MLS
Abigail A. Jacobsen, MLIS
J. Dustin Williams, MLIS

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